Our Education System: The Change That Needs to Be Made

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word school? Most students would say “tests,” this should be an automatic red flag as to what is wrong with Canada’s education system. Canada’s current education system is solely based on standardized testing. Students do not go to school with the objective of learning and retaining the information taught in class and applying it to the world around them. Students go to school with the objective of remembering the information long enough to pass their test, and then forgetting about it. It is constantly being drilled into student’s minds that they must do well in school, which solely means attaining high marks, if they want to succeed in life. Emphasise is not put on the growth and development of children or ensuring they are really absorbing and understanding the information given to them, and this is what a good education system should be enforcing. The constant message being enforced is that to do well in life, one must get into university, and to get into university one must get good grades. This is where most students’ stress stems from, the obsession to receive high marks. The most important aspects of education such as; growth, development, learning, inspiration, curiosity, etc., are all thrown out the window because of the overwhelming burden put on students to receive good grades. Students seem to be leaving school with high marks and impressive transcripts, however they lack everyday life skills such as; compassion, communication, interpersonal etc. Schools are not preparing students for the real world. People in the real world don’t care how intelligent you are, if you are incapable of communicating with them. Students are given a misconstrued image of what the world is really like after university. All the emphasise is put on achieving a certain grade point average, and after graduation students come to the realization that there is much more to getting hired for a job than meeting the qualifications on paper. Someone may have the most impressive resume an employer has ever seen, however if they lack personality, it is likely they wont be awarded the job. To better prepare our youth for the real world, there must be a shift in emphasis on the importance of high marks. Grades are certainly important and students should strive to achieve them however, more importantly learning should be emphasized. The development and progress of students should be a main focus along with their real world application abilities. If this becomes the main focus in Canada’s education system, students will enter the real world much more prepared.


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