School Uniforms: Stifling our Students

How would you feel if everyday you were told what to look like and how to dress? Would you enjoy it, or would you feel a constant sense of repression? School uniforms are a very controversial topic and there have been many debates as to whether they should be implemented in schools or not. There are many reasons to support the elimination of school uniforms such as; cost and comfort, however the issue that seems to have the largest effect on students is lack of self-expression. Uniforms strip students of the ability to express themselves and their individual styles through clothing. Contradicting everything they learn in school, which is to embrace diversity and individuality. Society has come a long way in regards to its social standards and what people are expected to look and act like. Now, people are much more open to diversity and individuality, making for a more
understanding and accepting world. By asking students to all look the same, is this not taking a step back in the evolution of our society? Uniforms enforce the idea, that to get along we must all conform to the same standards. Expression through fashion is an imperative part of adolescence. Students who are just beginning to discover who they are may feel a strong sense of restraint due to the lack of expressional freedom they are given. Allowing students to dress themselves how they wish and according to their body type will result in them feeling more confident and comfortable, creating a better learning environment. Uniforms should not be implemented in schools because they suppress students individuality, which contradicts the very foundation of schools’ core beliefs regarding the encouragement of diversity and uniqueness.


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