Teens: Entitled to Our Own Beliefs

Adolescence is an imperative transitional period in every young person’s life, when they slowly sail away from childhood and onto the shores of adulthood. It is when they begin to live their own lives and become individuals. It is when they begin to conjure up their own beliefs and opinions about the world around them. It is also when they come to a large crossroad and are faced with moral conflict. One of the greatest difficulties teens face is following their parents beliefs and wanting to please them, while also wanting to follow their own, and become their own person. Throughout their childhood, their parents instill their own values into them. However once the child begins to develop into an adult and lead their own life the beliefs they have may conflict with that of their parents. Being younger and from a different generation is it very likely a child will have different views on topics such as drinking, smoking, sex, love, religion, etc. than their parents. These different views seems to be a major cause of “teenage rebellion” and why so many teenagers and their parents find themselves butting heads. Teenagers should most definitely be given guidance by their parents, but at a healthy distance that allows them to follow their own path. Having alternative views than their parents is not something teens should be made to feel guilty about, they are entitled to believe in whatever they feel is right, just as their parents are. Our world and the people in it are constantly evolving and new discoveries are made each day. For parents to expect their children to follow their same exact beliefs is unrealistic, when they are growing up in a completely different, more advanced and liberal society. Beliefs are something an individual discovers in themselves through the experiences they encounter in their life, along with what they are taught growing up. It is important for adolescence to combine the morals and values they have been taught growing up with their own personal beliefs. This allows teens to create a healthy balance between the guidance and wisdom their parents give them, along with their own beliefs which in turn allows them to discover who they are.


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