Be Happy

It seems to me that we are all living in a constant state of chaos, life constantly throwing a whirl wind of burdens and responsibilities at us. We try to balance school, homework, work, relationships, sports, a social life, but seem to forget the most important thing, which is ourselves. We prioritize all these things above our own well being. It can all get very overwhelming at times, to the point where we feel like we’re no longer living a life. We feel stuck, like we’re slowly drowning in the same monotonous routines and can’t seem to swim up to the surface to catch a breath. It is easy to become depressed, and let life get the better of us, and I’m sure we’ve all had our moments, but that’s all it should be, a moment. Because as crazy and overwhelming as our teenage years are, they are also one of the best times in our lives. We owe it to ourselves to go out and enjoy life, because looking back, the tests we spent hours studying for and the nights we spent feeling bad about ourselves are not what we are going to remember. The nights we spent with our best friends talking until the sun came up, or the person we let our selves fall in love with are what we will look on back and remember. The things that made us happy, that is what we will remember. Sometimes we need to put the text book down and take a nice long bath, eat chocolate cake instead of salad, or take a night off from our responsibilities and go to that party. School and work are most definitely important, however our well being is just as important, and we need to find a balance between the two. We’re only young once, and we only live once, so we might as well enjoy it.


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