Why is it that we all seem to strive for perfection, when in reality, it doesn’t exist? Why do we all try and meet such specific standards to be deemed “beautiful”? How can we all be expected to look a specific way, when we were all made to look different? We all come from different ethnic and genetic backgrounds, making it impossible for us all to look the same. These differences should be embraced, not seen as negative. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and as cliché and over used as those words are, it’s true. Most of us say we know and believe that we are beautiful, but deep down, most of us don’t truly mean it. It’s true when they say you are your own worst critic, we constantly find flaws in ourselves and put our selves down, for what? For being human? For being real? We allow these “flaws” to drive us into doing crazy things; starving ourselves, taking pills, wearing layers of makeup, putting our health and safety at risk just to be “beautiful”. But ask yourself, what is beauty? When someone says “she is beautiful”, what do you think? I know most of us think of a tall girl, with an hour glass shape, who’s slim, tanned, toned body has no unwanted hair. She has long silky hair and big beautiful eyes, with long dark eyelashes, and a flawless complexion. Think about it though, have you ever seen a girl like this, in real life? The answer is most likely no. The answer is most likely no because these girls aren’t real, we only see them on TV, or on clothing ads because they are photo shopped and airbrushed to perfection. We need to change our outlook on beauty, and acknowledge that beauty does not have one face, it has millions. Beauty is a girl with green eyes and red hair. Beauty is a woman with dark skin and brown eyes, beauty is being loving. Beauty is helping others and seeking nothing in return, beauty in being a good person. Beauty is embracing your own personal skin colour, hair colour, height, weight, shape, size and personality and not changing it for anyone.


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