The New Year

New Years resolutions, like beautifully wrapped little gift boxes, sprinkled with glitter and hope. They’re wrapped so beautifully we don’t seem to want to open them. Everyone makes resolutions for the new year, but in reality most of us don’t follow through with them. We enjoy the thought of them, the pretty wrapping and bows so we can never seem to bring ourselves to open them. The truth is once the clock strikes 12 and it becomes a new year although we might choose to believe so, we do not become new people. Our pasts don’t get erased and no one forgets all the things that happened in the past year. However, when the clock does strike twelve the moment seems nothing short of magical. Everyone yelling and shouting “Happy New Year!” like it’s the last thing they’ll ever say. Couples in love kissing, strangers kissing in the spur of the moment, best friends that have always secretly been in love kissing because its the new year and anything can happen. Champagne being ungracefully popped while the cork flies across the room and the bubbles spill to the ground. The new year brings us hope, it makes us feel like we have something to look forward to and believe in. It gives us hope that things will change and get better and although that may not be true, hope is the most important thing a person can have. Without hope, why would we wake up every morning, why would we chase our dreams, why would we hold on to the ones we love? Hope gives us somewhere to go and the will to get there.


One thought on “The New Year

  1. Christina (Hottie) says:

    Beautifully said my Alexis!
    Hope is light to life ? Don’t you think? Without it we may be in darkness ….. not a pleasant place to be.
    I wonder what it’ll take for all humans including myself to feel, to understand that every moment is a fresh new moment, that every moment the clock does strike……every moment asks something new of each and everyone one of us. Honouring what each moment asks of oneself would be such a gift in life.

    Christina H.

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