First Year

In light of the new school year beginning and me supposedly becoming an adult and all, I decided to give my blog a little face lift. A fresh start if you will (vomit at how cliche I am). On the topic of fresh starts I also wanted to talk a little about my first year experience (thus far). Here is a small list of things I have learned in the past few weeks:

  • Everyone is just as terrified as you are, and wants to make friends just as bad as you do
  • All the fun people sit in the back of the lecture
  • You may feel like a total creep going up to strangers and introducing yourself, but you’ll thank yourself later when you have cool new friends
  • You don’t suck, and everyone else feels like they suck too
  • Bring a lunch! Stop wasting your money on overpriced food at Metro
  • Coffee is your best friend
  • You will probably cry, probably more than once, and that’s okay
  • It will physically pain you when you have to spend over $100 on a textbook
  • You will most likely get lost, at least once, don’t be scared to ask for directions
  • Your professors are not scary like you thought they would be
  • Check your school email like it’s your day job
  • 70% of your questions will be answered with “check the syllabus”
  • For the first week you will probably have no idea what the syllabus is, where to find it or how to check it
  • If you’re a commuter always bring headphones, weirdos are less inclined to talk to you
  • You’re not going to get the high marks you did in high school, chill, it’s not the end of your life
  • There are going to be those girls that always look fabulous, wear your sweatpants with pride
  • As long as something has the school logo on it, it can more or less always pass for cute because you have school spirit (or so they think)
  • Take a break from homework every once in a while and go live your life a little, your sanity will thank you

2 thoughts on “First Year

  1. Hois, Christina says:

    what a great write-up Alexis. the first thing that came to my mind is – knowing that you don’t know everything is knowing….it’s ok to NOT fit, it’s ok to feel uncertainty…’s a lot about saying ‘it’s ok’…..and “it’ll be ok”….as you said it’s not the end of the world… XOXO


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