Things I Don’t Understand

  1. Low rise jeans
  2. Why people get text tattoos in languages they don’t speak
  3. People who don’t like babies
  4. Anything Sean Paul says in his songs
  5. How to maintain an Instagram aesthetic
  6. Why professors assign everything at the same time
  7. How people can live and maintain a really healthy lifestyle
  8. Why DJ Khaled doesn’t have his own talk show (the new Dr. Phil?)
  9. Bell-bottom jeans
  10. Cat people
  11. Why I can’t be rich without a university degree
  12. Why anyone likes glossy lips (matte lips are where it’s at)
  13. People who subtweet
  14. Why expensive restaurants give you smaller portions, when you’re paying more
  15. Anyone who says they don’t like Justin Bieber’s new album (stop lying)

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