The life of a creative

Attending an arts school gave me an extremely unique high school experience. My high school  offered an overwhelming sense of comfort and belonging and will ultimately always have a very special place in my heart. We had jocks, theatre kids (a lot of theatre kids), art kids (a lot of those too), math lovers and everything in-between. However, although we had such a large assortment of personalities, not once did I ever feel as if I couldn’t 100% be myself. Everyone expects high school to be cliquey and terrible, but mine was the exact opposite, and for that I am eternally grateful. We didn’t have cliques, friend groups of course, but there was never a strong divide that deterred people from talking to one another and overall being quite friendly. Aside from the extremely “everything goes” and “we’re all friends” vibe that my high school had, what I am even more thankful for are the arts.

Throughout my four years I was apart of the drama, dance and musical theatre programs and auditioning was easily one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Not only did performing break me out of my shyness and make me much more outgoing, but it made me a part of something. The tiring, long rehearsal hours all seemed to be worth it once we stepped out on stage. When you and all your friends got to bow at the curtain call, holding hands and truly appreciate how hard you all worked and how amazing the show was. Nothing will ever replace the adrenaline you feel on stage and nothing will ever replace the amazing memories you make with everyone out on that stage with you. You have no choice  but to become a family. You spend all your time together and put all your energy into creating something wonderful together, and you never realize how much you love it until it’s over. Here I am, a year after graduation, still missing the opportunity to be apart of something creative and beautiful. Missing the long rehearsal hours and the sheer exhaustion. My high school turned me into a creative, and for that I am thankful but also resentful. Because ever since leaving I have the undying urge to create, to write, to dance, to act. I have the undying urge to be apart of something innovative and artistic and for as long as I live I don’t think that thirst will ever really be quenched.


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