How I got clear skin

This is not a typical blog post for me, seeing as I’m not a health or beauty blog. However, as someone who has struggled with acne I feel compelled to share my experience with others. I know how much pimples suck and the toll they can take on our self-esteem. I also know how frustrating it is trying to get rid of them. If you were to look in my medicine cabinet you’d think you were at a pharmacy. I have bottles and bottles of different products that I’ve tried, none of which worked for me.

About two months ago a friend of mine recommended I try goats’ milk soap, (I know what you’re thinking… ‘what the hell?’) and seeing as I had nothing to loose I gave it a try. I went to my local pharmacy and bought a bar, it only cost me about $3.00 and after about a week I already began noticing a difference. You can buy goats’ milk soap from your local pharmacy or even your local bulk barn. I recommend buying a plain one without scents, the less ingredients the better. The brand doesn’t really matter, I bought whatever my pharmacy had which was Caprina. 

Goats’ milk is great for you skin for a number of reasons, here are just a few:

  • It has anti-bacterial properties which stop bacteria from forming in your pores, and therefore stops pimples from growing
  • It reduces skin inflammation due to its high fat molecule content
  • It moisturizes your skin because of the cream present in the milk
  • It contains lots of vitamins and minerals, which are absorbed into your body

Exfoliation has also become a key part of my skin-care routine. I make sure to exfoliate my face once to twice a week. I make my own face scrub because the more natural the ingredients the better. My face scrub contains sugar, honey and lemon juice. The sugar is to exfoliate, the honey is to moisturize and bring down any inflammation and the lemon juice is to lighten any dark spots.

Lastly, after washing my face I always make sure to moisturize (morning and night), I use a NIVEA face cream that’s unscented. And that is my full skin care routine! Nothing high maintenance and nothing expensive.

We have to remember that everyone has different skin types and everyone’s bodies’ react differently to different products, however I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin since starting to use goats’ milk soap. And because it’s so inexpensive there really is nothing to loose by trying it.

I hope anyone who is struggling with their skin gives it a try and is as pleased with the results as I am. 🙂




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