Who do we idolize?

Take a moment and think about the people that you strive to be like. I’m willing to bet that at least one of these people is a celebrity. Now ask yourself why you look up to this person? Why do we idolize singers and actors and models? What positive contributions are they making to our society and what kind of examples are they setting for our youth? I’m guilty, as we all are, of following celebrities on social media and keeping up to date on certain people’s lives. But it occurred to me as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, why do I want to be like people that I don’t know? Why am I so concerned with their lives?  The fact of the matter is, that most (not all) of the people we idolize are not doing anything to make positive changes in the world, or help others, or even set good examples for young kids.

Take the Kardashians for example, why are they famous? Yes their father was the lawyer that defended O.J. Simpson, but how did they get on a reality television show? Because Kim Kardashian made a sex tape. What talents do any of these girls have? They publicly exploit themselves and their families for a living, and we as a society pay to watch them. In an interview with Barbra Walters, she asked the Kardashian girls, or rather told them, that none of them really had any talent, and the saddest part was, none of them were able to defend themselves. They simply sat there, with the inability to reject this statement admitting “none of us think we have talents”.

Only one of the Kardashian/Jenner girls attended university (Kourtney). Now this isn’t to say that those who haven’t attained higher education aren’t as smart as those who have. However, as people who grew up with money, with every possible opportunity handed to them, it’s sad that only one of these women wanted to attain a degree and attempt to educate and better themselves. It’s sad that they are content with being famous for all the wrong reasons. And it’s even more sad that we as a society consider these people icons.

In an interview with People Magazine, when asked about her plans for the future, Kylie Jenner said “I’m not going to college”, “I just really want to be a businesswoman”. When first reading this interview I laughed, because of the sheer contradiction of her words. Clearly Kylie has no true understanding of what it means to be a business woman, or how hard normal people have to work to reach even a fragment of the success she was simply handed.

At age 17 Kylie Jenner got her first round of lip fillers and since then her appearance has continued to change drastically.


kylie-jenner-before-and-after-lips-2013-2014Photo credit: The Daily 411

Not only did Kylie’s personal appearance change drastically, her personal life did as well, as she started dating 24 year old rapper Tyga when she was only 17 years old.

So what have the Kardashian’s taught us? Selling your body for fame is okay. Exposing your personal life to the world is encouraged. Education is unimportant. Young girls shouldn’t aim to love their imperfections but instead alter themselves to meet ideals. And barely legal relationships between young girls and grown men are socially acceptable.

I hope this has made you take a second look at the people you both consciously and unconsciously look up to and try to find role models that are doing positive things for our world. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be famous, it simply means we should look up to people based on what they value, who they are and what they represent. We should not only look up to these people, we should aim to be these people. This is how we will make the change from idolizing the Kardashian’s of the world to idolizing the Mala Yousafzai’s. If you don’t know who that is, look her up. You might just discover your new role model.


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