The lazy blogger

Here is a short piece I wrote, about being a “lazy blogger” for Ryerson Folio.


End of Semester Thoughts

We’re nearing the end of the semester, and as students we all know what that means. Last minute cramming, stress eating and crying about our grades! University is the time of our lives! Here are some thoughts that I’m sure have crossed all our minds in the last few weeks:

  • The essay is due tomorrow? Wait… we have an essay ?
  • Honestly, I’ll just get up early tomorrow and finish it.
  • Wow I’m starving, I need to go make a snack. I know I just had an hour long study break but I can’t deny myself proper nourishment!
  • Why does my T.A. hate me?
  • Who even is my T.A.?
  • C’s get degrees *I tell myself as I check my marks online and cry*
  • But do I REALLY need an education? *googles careers that don’t require university degrees*
  • *gets into bed* WOW I have so much to do, am I going to pass school? If I fail where will I end up in life? I don’t want to be a disappointment. Shit I didn’t submit that paper online. Who am I as a person? Why did I eat those chips today?
  • Why did I think high school was hard?
  • If I just don’t eat lunch for 3 days I’ll have enough money to go out this weekend.
  • I’ve only opened my $100 textbook once…
  • I need a drink.
  • I need a hug.
  • Having 3 large coffees before 3 p.m. should be fine right?
  • Sleep is for the weak *stays up all night and falls asleep in lecture*
  • I’m so stressed out! I have so much due! *lies in bed eating cereal*

If I had a dollar for every time I procrastinated on my homework:



First Year

In light of the new school year beginning and me supposedly becoming an adult and all, I decided to give my blog a little face lift. A fresh start if you will (vomit at how cliche I am). On the topic of fresh starts I also wanted to talk a little about my first year experience (thus far). Here is a small list of things I have learned in the past few weeks:

  • Everyone is just as terrified as you are, and wants to make friends just as bad as you do
  • All the fun people sit in the back of the lecture
  • You may feel like a total creep going up to strangers and introducing yourself, but you’ll thank yourself later when you have cool new friends
  • You don’t suck, and everyone else feels like they suck too
  • Bring a lunch! Stop wasting your money on overpriced food at Metro
  • Coffee is your best friend
  • You will probably cry, probably more than once, and that’s okay
  • It will physically pain you when you have to spend over $100 on a textbook
  • You will most likely get lost, at least once, don’t be scared to ask for directions
  • Your professors are not scary like you thought they would be
  • Check your school email like it’s your day job
  • 70% of your questions will be answered with “check the syllabus”
  • For the first week you will probably have no idea what the syllabus is, where to find it or how to check it
  • If you’re a commuter always bring headphones, weirdos are less inclined to talk to you
  • You’re not going to get the high marks you did in high school, chill, it’s not the end of your life
  • There are going to be those girls that always look fabulous, wear your sweatpants with pride
  • As long as something has the school logo on it, it can more or less always pass for cute because you have school spirit (or so they think)
  • Take a break from homework every once in a while and go live your life a little, your sanity will thank you